Cornerstone Christian


CCF is a church family that

believes that God is alive and

He cares about you! Come see

what all the talk is about. We

are located 1/2 mile south of

Grandview Funeral Home at

1276 Grandview Dr. Everyone

is welcome & dress is casual.

Scott's Landscaping

Licensed General Contractor


Specializing in commercial &

large residential projects

  • Landscape & Hardscape
  • Retaining Walls
  • Hydro-Seeding
  • Grading
  • Excavation
  • Land Clearing

  Cell:  336-657-0545

Office:  336-372-1626

The Return -

A Tribute to the Beatles

July 30, 2020

The Walker Center

Wilkes Community College

Click for tickets 

or call 336-838-6260    

The Incredible

Toy Company


Inspiring Toys and 

Unbeatable Service


Where imaginations grow


3411 Hwy 321S 

Between Boone

& Blowing Rock




to visit our website


Put the TREAT back in


Laurel Ridge Camp &

Conference Center invites

groups of all kinds to use our

beautiful lodging facilities for

your next retreat.  Visit our

website or contact our office to

make a reservation today!

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Current Conditions

Temp: 56.9°F
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Independence , VA
Skyline National Bank, Independence VA

Forecast Last Updated at Thursday, June 24, 2021 at 6:05AM

June Delight

An absolute gem of a day is expected across SW Virginia once again as high pressure continues to provide a nice break from our normal summertime like weather. The nice weather will spill over into Friday with only a few scattered afternoon clouds. However temperatures creep slightly upward, starting a trend as we head into the weekend. The same high pressure that brings us this nice weather slides east over the weekend and "assumes the position" as the Bermuda High. Winds around the high will begin to return more moisture and warmer temps from the south. There's no fronts in sight as the high will serve to block any front from making an approach through the foreseeable future. But with the increased moisture and daytime heating, daily does of afternoon scattered showers and thundershowers are expected starting on Satuday(although isolated on Saturday) and continuing into next week.


Hi: 75 Lo: 53

Mostly sunny; Continued pleasant; Wind bec SE 5-10 mph

Hi: 77 Lo: 61

Scattered PM clouds; Just a touch warmer; Light SE wind

Hi: 80 Lo: 63

Partly to mostly cloudy; An isolated PM showers or thundershower; More humid; Light SE wind

Hi: 81 Lo: 64

Partly sunny; Muggy; Scattered PM showers and thundershowers

Hi: 84 Lo: 64

Partly sunny; Warm and muggy; Scattered PM showers and thundershowers

Further Out

Tuesday - Partly sunny; Scattered PM showers and thundershowers; High in the lower 80s; Low in the mid 60s
Wednesday - Partly sunny; Scattered PM showers and thundershowers; High in the mid 80s; Low in the mid 60s

Forecast Discussion

High pressure centered over the Mid-Atlantic will slowly transition eastward over the next couple of days. This high will continue to keep the delightful weather with us through the end of this week with lots of sunshine, low humidity, pleasant temperatures and rain free skies.

By the weekend, the high will become parked off the Southeast coast and assume the title of "The Bermuda High". There will be a front located across the mid section of the US, but this front makes no ground eastward through the foreseeable future as the high blocks its eastward progression. Instead, the high will begin to pump in an increase in moisture and warm air from the south. This, along with daytime heating, will lead to daily doses of afternoon scattered showers and thundershowers starting on Saturday and into next week, typical of what you would expect during a normal summertime day.


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