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NWS Flash Flood Watch (Grayson County)

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Twin Co. Airport , VA

Forecast Last Updated at Thursday, August 13, 2020 at 12:28PM

Wet & Unsettled

Our weather for the next several days can be pretty much summed up with one word, Wet. The combination of a front to our north, an upper level low to the west and the Bermuda High pumping in moisture from the south and east all add up to rounds of showers and thundershowers today through the upcoming weekend. As usual, the afternoon and evening hours are the prime targets, however the mornings and even nighttime hours are in play. A front makes a welcome pass through early next week finally bringing some drier weather back to the region.


Hi: 78 Lo: 66

Mostly cloudy; Scattered showers and thundershowers, mostly during the afternoon and evening hours; Light wind

Hi: 77 Lo: 66

Lots of clouds; Showers and thundershowers a good bet, primarily in the PM; Light wind

Hi: 76 Lo: 66

Lots of clouds; Showers and thundershowers a good bet, mostly during the PM hours; Light wind

Hi: 76 Lo: 65

Mostly cloudy; Scattered showers and thundershowers, most during the afternoon and evening

Hi: 79 Lo: 60

Partly to mostly cloudy; Isolated showers and thundershowers

Further Out

Tuesday - Partly cloudy; A stray shower or thundershower possible during the afternoon and evening; High in the upper 70s; Low in the lower 60s
Wednesday - Partly to mostly cloudy; Scattered showers and thundershowers; High in the mid 70s; Low in the lower 60s

Forecast Discussion

A front sits just to our north today while Bermuda High pressure remains parked off the East Coast. Abundant amounts of moisture are pumped in from the south and east thanks to the high and the front helps to serve as a kicker for shower and thundershower development. Oh, and add an upper level low pressure to the west, well you get the picture. It's a wet forecast today through the upcoming weekend. Showers and storms are most likely during the normal afternoon and evening hours, but really anytime day or night will be in play. And with all the recent rains, the ground is soaked. Any storms that do develop will be slow movers with heavy rain potential, so flash flooding is a risk. Temperature wise, we are cooler than days past due to extra clouds and shower and storms.

As we head into the start of next week, a real frontal passage looks to be in order. This front passes through early on Monday. Showers and storms however are isolated due to the timing of the fronts passage. Dry weather for the most part is expected on Tuesday, although i wouldn't completely rule out a stray shower or thundershower during the afternoon. Enjoy it, showers and storms chances begin to ramp back up once again by the middle of next week.

The tropical Atlantic remains quiet by this year's busy standards. A tropical depression is about 1000 miles east of the Leeward Islands. It probably becomes Tropical Storm Josephine today, but the course will keep it away from any land mass.


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